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Small Aussie Businesses versus Multi-National Goliaths: Redefining the Narrative​

When you can’t compete on size, budget or “power”, how do small businesses compete versus the “big guys” to really connect with their customers, clients and guests? More importantly, how do small Australian businesses compete?

In the vast expanse of the business world, Aussie businesses often find ourselves cast as the underdogs in a ring dominated by heavyweight foreign competitors – even on our own home soil. It’s a classic tale of David versus Goliath, but in this case the fight is for growth prospects, recognition and market share. 

Even worse, the audience’s perception of the “little guy” has big implications beyond the basic profit line. It fails to acknowledge the invaluable contributions to the local and global economy that our Australian businesses are making and casts a shadow over their exceptional offerings.

At times this can seem like impossible odds. An almost self-fulfilling prophecy where the lack of recognition compared to the towering multinational entities lowers growth prospects leading to reduced market share and ultimately less brand loyalty and profits. 

But the odds can be changed. David can speak directly to the people. We can redefine the narrative once we know what will pique their interest…

The 2023 IAB Australia and Pureprofile Australian Ecommerce Report highlights the significance of superior manufacturing, environmental and social responsibility, innovation and marketing Australian ownership in the fight to bring consumer attention back home and back to the “little guy”. 

What does this mean? How exactly can we take action from the report? 

  1. Step onto the digital battleground to combat the marketing disparities. Search engines, social media and (most importantly) online reviews are great equalisers on the playing field – even against big budgets. A robust online presence is no longer a choice; it’s a necessity.  From optimising websites to leveraging social media platforms, our local heroes are embracing effective digital marketing strategies to make their mark and be seen. Innovation doesn’t need to just be a fancy new technical product, it’s absolutely digital transformation too. 
  2. Use local consumer knowledge to focus on quality: Rather than taking on the giants head-on, savvy Aussie businesses are identifying and targeting niche markets with niche services & products. These small businesses are asking themselves, “how do we service our customers, the way they actually want to be served?”. By offering specialised services that resonate deeply with the Australian audience, they are carving out unique spaces in the market. It’s a strategic move that emphasises quality over quantity (not just in manufacturing but in all aspects of business) that is allowing them to stand out in a crowd of competitors.
  3. Join forces with other local businesses: Pooling resources through collaborations has become a game-changer. Joint ventures and cooperative campaigns with fellow businesses or industry connections are amplifying efforts particularly in the marketing field. This unity is proving to be a force multiplier, enabling Australian businesses to reach broader audiences collectively. And the positives leveraged from collaborations extend far beyond just marketing – think shared assets, knowledge and practices that hit another one of the reports key areas: environmental and social responsibility.
  4. Lean into your Australian roots: Chasing an audience ready-made to consume Australian owned & made products and services is not just a given because of location. The consumer doesn’t always know how to find and buy local, even when they want to. It’s up to businesses to do more to shout from the rooftops that they’re Australian owned. While this can sometimes be challenging, services such as the Australian Owned Business Certification exist precisely to act as a guiding light for the public and provide additional support to businesses navigating the market.

Picture this: A small business from the heart of Australia desires to be resilient in the face of global competition. They take on the challenge to redefine what it means to be the “little guy” and utilise innovative approaches, increase their focus on sharing their story and maintain their unwavering commitment to excellence after fact-checking their offering with real Aussie customers. They invest in marketing, certifications and connecting with others who can boost their name. They emerge as pioneers, introducing fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to global challenges, all while contributing to the strength of the Australian economy. This is the story of Massel Australia. What a David moment. 

When you combine all of these elements you have a fantastic recipe for success. 

But if you were to take just one key thought away from this article let it be that one of the biggest factors we’ve seen consistently in business uplift is a strong support network. Whether that be from other local business collaborators or engaging with your customers as discussed, solid business mentoring or gaining an advantage through advocate services such as Australian Owned. 

And yes, we’re Aussie too! And our goal is to help other Aussie businesses stand out and be recognised. You can find out more about how Australian Owned and the Australian Owned Business Certification adds power to your business here

You can also read insights from business owners in the Australian Owned Business Pulse Survey, which speaks volumes: a resounding 96% of businesses report that certification with Australian Owned helps their business, and 92% attribute its role in attracting customers, for example. 

If you’re an Aussie business ready to showcase your resilience and commitment to excellence in the local landscape, stand tall with the strength and innovation of the Australian business community behind you! Connect today: