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How To Apply

Step 1: Complete the pre-assessment questions here.

Step 2: Sign and return the relevant paperwork.

Step 3: Our team will complete its due diligence and notify you of the outcome.

What Next?

Once verified, the Australian Owned business is issued an Australian Owned ID number (“AO ID”) and is published in the Australian Owned Business Register

Businesses can then complete an additional step and if assessed to meet mandatory criteria (as per AO Rules) can achieve Australian Owned certification.  Achieving this level of certification entitles the business to a unique variation of the Australian Owned logo that features the businesses AO ID.  In addition, certified businesses are provided a suite of marketing assets to increase their competitiveness in the global marketplace. 

Is your business Australian Owned? If yes, apply now.

A famous view from Lighthouse Rd over Tallows Beach and Cape Byron in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia
Byron Brewing Co. #01887
“We have experienced great support from the community, especially when they find out we are Australian-owned.”
Seaspray pebbles with succulents
Living Green Decor #01710
Andrew Munro
“We found that people wanted to support local business by buying from an Australian-owned company.”
Gemtree, Australia - July 6 2015: An iconic 3 trailer Australian road train travels along the Plenty Hwy near Gemtree in Northern Territory, Australia
Road Trains Australia #00539
Dave Jones
“Great initiative at a time where Aussies need to stand together.”