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What Next?

Once an application is received, our qualified compliance team completes a thorough examination in accordance with our ACCC lodged rules that govern the use of the Australian Owned certification trademark.  

All due diligence is completed in-house and in most cases, this process can be completed utilising our own compliance resources.  The process is not an imposition to the applicant.

The Australian Owned team then notifies the applicant of the outcome of the assessment and issues successful applicants their unique Australian Owned assets.

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We asked some of our certified businesses why they chose to get their Australian Owned Certification.  This is what they said:

“We’re a proudly owned, operated and manufactured Australian business.  Joining a community of like-minded businesses, entrepreneurs and great thinkers that exists within the Australian Owned community is a privilege.  Being able to display our Australian Owned badge on our website, email signatures and all marketing material we believe shows our dedication to the Australian market and its future.”

Con-form Group AO 1352

“The AO logo quickly communicated to customers that we have local based support to get you through things only local people would understand.”

Mate NBN AO 1355

“Holding a unique Australian Owned logo gives us a competitive edge as people are now very aware of supporting Australian Owned companies.  The public are aware of the benefits that goes with purchasing Australian Owned and Manufactured, like creating employment opportunities.”

Sewroo AO 546

“Having the AO logo goes right to the heart of what we believe in.  Supporting small, family owned Australian farms has been what we’ve built our business on.  Australia owns 53% of the world’s organic farmland and puts us in the position to be a world-leading industry.”

TMP Organics AO 1652

“For clients, the AO licence is a reinforcement of our credentials as an Australian owned business.  These customers value localised service, data hosting in Australia and high levels of security compliances that only an Australian company can meet.”

Swift Digital AO 954

What is the minimum Australian ownership % to get certified?  

At least 80% owned by Australian citizens.

Is Australian Owned owned by Australians?  

Of course, 100% owned by Australian citizens and 100% based in Australia.

Can a product that is made overseas but owned by an Australian business use the logo on their packaging?

No.  Each product is assessed in accordance with our Rules that are lodged with the ACCC.  If a product advertises with the Australian Owned Certified logo you know that you are buying Australia made and Australian owned, using majority Australian ingredients/raw materials.

Approval will only be granted to businesses that are Australian Owned and manufacture their products within Australia.  In the case of businesses that do not sell a tangible product (for example Accountants), their services and staffing must be based in Australia.

Are you a Government Agency?

We are not a government body and we don’t receive government funding.  We operate under a social enterprise model. We are cause-driven with a mission to support the Australian business community.  There is no government agency that certifies genuine Australian ownership and our ACCC lodged certification rules and IP was created as a measure to consumers, business and government  to identify genuine Australian Owned business.  

Who completes the certification?

Australian Owned has a team of qualified compliance professionals and uses a range of resources to certify genuine Australian ownership in accordance with our ACCC lodged certification rules.  

How much does it cost to get certified?

There is a nominal one-off application fee that covers the cost incurred by us to complete the relevant due diligence checks that are required in accordance with our certification rules.  If successful, the licence to the trademark that is unique and individually designed for each successful applicant (displaying the business unique identifier number) is charged annually.  In addition to the licence to the trademark, the successful applicant also receives other high valued business and marketing assets and access to opportunities with Australian Owned.  Our current prices are available via our website.

The Process

Step 1: Apply

To obtain your Australian Owned certification, click the "Apply Now" on this page and complete the online assessment form.  A business account will be created at this stage and our team will be notified of your application.  

Step 2: Review

The Australian Owned team will review and verify the information provided and assign the applicant with a corresponding assessment score.  This process is usually completed within 2-3 business days and notice of the assessment outcome is issued directly to the applicant.

Step 3: Notification

Successful applicants are notified and published in the Australian Owned Business Register and allocated a searchable & unique identification number.  This register is used as a source of truth by commercial and Government agencies in verifying Australian ownership claims as well as by the general public when sourcing Australian Owned businesses, products & services.  Your unique Australian Owned certification assets are distributed directly via email.

Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by the Australian Owned team.  

Certification Assets

Licence to the Australian Owned trademark (logo)
Featuring a unique and traceable identification number, this logo can be used to proudly market and
promote Australian Owned certification via means such as business digital and printed assets. Being
awarded this logo is a cost-effective way to authentically market your Australian Owned business.

Marketing Strategy Support
In addition to the licence to the trademark (logo), the Australian Owned team provides certified businesses with online marketing consultants to answer questions and assist with marketing strategies ensuring that your Australian business receives a fair go.

Introduction Opportunities
With a network that includes thousands of Australian Owned business owners, we are in the unique position to facilitate introductions (by consent only). This service is provided as a means to enable businesses to support each other so that jobs and investments stay here now and for future generations.

LOOKAROO: Featured in the Australian Owned search function
Australian Owned has partnered with LOOKAROO, Australia's newly launched, innovative and trusted search engine. All approved businesses are promoted via the search engine and are featured in the Australian Owned search function.

Partnership Inclusions
With an increasing number of recognised partners, your certification is registered and promoted meaning your business stands out while making it easier for the consumer to easily identify Australian Owned businesses and products.

Other Assets
Various other assets are also supplied including the Australian Owned Certified "outro reel", available to incorporate into digital video/media assets. Australian Owned merchandise is also available to certified Australian Owned businesses.

The annual fee is $399.00 (incl. GST).

Product Certification

Certified businesses that manufacture their own range of products (food and non-food) within Australia can apply for Australian Owned & Made product certification.

The Australian Owned team review every product application to ensure only genuine Australian Owned & Made products are approved and issued the unique trademark for use on the product labels/packaging.

Only successful applicants will be charged $165.00 (incl. GST) for the annual licence fee. Application can only be accessed via the business account portal.