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How to Apply

What Next?

Once an application is received, our qualified compliance team completes a thorough examination in accordance with our ACCC lodged certification rules that govern the use of the Australian Owned certification trademark.

All due diligence is completed in-house and in most cases, this process can be completed utilising our own compliance resources. The process is not an imposition to the applicant.

The Australian Owned team then notifies the applicant of the outcome of the assessment and issues successful applicants their unique Australian Owned assets.

Annual certification fee from $299 including GST.

The Process

Our compliance administrators review and complete a pre-assessment of your business application.

Once assessed, you receive our Services & Partnership Guide. Review this guide and select the service or partnership package that’s the best fit for you.

Upon selecting the preferred parnership package, you will be issued an invoice. Once paid, the team will process to finalise your application.

We will welcome you to the Australian Owned community through a series of onboarding communications, and present multiple opportunities (depending on the package selected) to promote and expose your business certification.

Business & Partner Packages

Frequently Asked Questions

A business must be at least 80% owned by Australian citizens to qualify.

Of course, 100% owned by Australian citizens and 100% based in Australia.

We are not a government body and we don’t receive government funding.  We operate under a social enterprise model. We are cause-driven with a mission to support the Australian business community.  There is no government agency that certifies genuine Australian ownership and our ACCC lodged certification rules and IP was created as a measure to consumers, business and government  to identify genuine Australian Owned business.

Australian Owned has a team of qualified compliance professionals and uses a range of resources to certify genuine Australian ownership in accordance with our ACCC lodged certification rules.

There is a nominal one-off application fee that covers the cost incurred by us to complete the relevant due diligence checks that are required in accordance with our certification rules.  If successful, the licence to the trademark that is unique and individually designed for each successful applicant (displaying the business unique identifier number) is charged annually.  In addition to the licence to the trademark, the successful applicant also receives other high valued business and marketing assets and access to opportunities with Australian Owned.  Our current prices are available via our website.

Click here to review the Australian Owned Certification Rules.