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As a social enterprise, Australian Owned™ are cause-driven with a mission to support the Australian business community.  We want to give businesses the tools to grow, assisting to strengthen communities through jobs and investment, contributing to the long-term prosperity of this country.


The Australian Owned™ certification trade mark is a high value asset to business and industry and obtaining your certification evokes trust and confidence.

With a team of qualified compliance & marketing professionals, Australian Owned™ are proud to extend to you an invitation to join our national, market leading and cost-effective certification program.

To learn more about the process, click here.

Tier 1 - Verification

Australian Owned™ uses a series of resources and collects supporting evidence to verify Australian ownership claims made by the applying business prior to approving & publishing the business on the Business Register.  These businesses can be easily identified when using the search bar, just look for the verified tick (and business ID number).

Tier 2 - Certification

To reach full Australian Owned™ Certification, businesses must first pass the above step (verification) and then demonstrate significant and considerable Australian influence in their business operations.  Each application is individually assessed, supporting evidence is collected and these businesses can be identified by looking for the Australian Owned™ Certified logo.

If the Australian Owned™ Certified logo is spotted on a label or product packaging, this means the production of the product is significantly Australian (materials, ingredients, labour hours etc) and in recognition, has been granted approval* to display the Australian Owned™ Certified logo.

*Approval granted in accordance with the Australian Owned™ Certification Rules.

Recognising Indigenous Heritage

Australian Owned pays respect to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia and acknowledges their continuing connection to land, sea and culture.

We support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned businesses through the Australian Owned Indigenous logo.  This logo appears in the traditional First Nations colours to signify Indigenous foundations.  This logo gives consumers the ability to easily identify, shop and spend with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned businesses, products and services.

“We have experienced great support from the community, especially when they find out we are Australian-owned.”

Emma Bridge
Byron Brewing Co.