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About Australian Owned

Who We Are

Australian Owned. Invest in Australia.

Australian Owned™ is cause-driven with a mission to support the Australian business community. We want to give businesses the tools to grow, assisting to strengthen communities through jobs and investment, contributing to the long-term prosperity of this country. With a team of qualified compliance & marketing professionals, Australian Owned™ are proud to extend to you an invitation to join our national, market leading and cost-effective certification program.
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Filling the Gap

We are passionate about Aussie dollars staying right here in Australia.  When businesses are Aussie owned, profits stay here and are reinvested here, supporting Aussie jobs and growing the economy. It’s as simple (and as important) as that.

And there was a gap. There was no official certification trademark for businesses that were owned by Aussies. 

We licence businesses to use the Australian Owned Certified logo to promote their business in Australia and overseas.  Australian Owned certification is suitable for all business types – if the business is Aussie owned, it qualifies to make an application with us.

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Why Get Certified

Gain your customers’ trust in the authenticity of your business with the Australian Owned™ Certified trade mark. Our rigorous certification process guarantees your business is genuinely Australian owned and operated.

By obtaining a licence to the Australian Owned™ Certified trade mark, you’ll set yourself apart from competitors, demonstrate your commitment to supporting the Australian economy, and contribute to its long-term prosperity.

This high-value asset evokes trust and confidence in customers, with an easily identifiable logo design on print and digital media. The unique business identifier number (AO number) and certification indicator provide national recognition on the Australian Owned™ online business register.

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The AO Certification

The AO Certified Trademark isn’t a tokenistic stamp of Aussie approval for marketing purposes.  

The use of the award-winning Australian Owned Certified (AO) logo for business evokes trust and confidence because it’s certified.  No one can just slap our logo on their marketing material.  

We are Australia’s only trusted certification system that ensures businesses are Australian owned.  Ensuring that your money stays in Australia, grows the Australian economy and contributes to the long-term prosperity of our country. 

Busines Certification


At Australian Owned™, we pride ourselves on our rigorous certification process, which ensures that only genuine Australian-owned businesses are certified and issued a licence to the Australian Owned™ trademark (“logo”). 

We understand that certification processes can seem daunting, but rest assured knowing that we have streamlined it to make it as easy and straightforward as possible.

Certification Packages available from $299 including GST.

The Australian Owned Certified trademark represents a reliable & trustworthy symbol for consumers.

“We have experienced great support from the community, especially when they find out we are Australian owned.”

Emma Bridge

Byron Brewing Co.