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Introduced in 2020, the Australian Owned green and gold Logo and Australian Owned Indigenous Heritage Logo signify that Businesses are Australian owned and are a member of the Australian Owned Network.
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Do you qualify?

Businesses that qualify will receive a unique number which will be searchable on our database where ownership percentage and business information will be displayed.

80% or greater actual Australian ownership.


No sneaky tricks, correct tax paid in Australia.


Justifying profits are not transferred overseas.

Australians Supporting Australia

Great initiative at a time where Aussies need to stand together.

Dave Jones

Road Trains Australia

Most of my competitors have been bought out by foreign interest. This will help us stay Australian.

Laurie Brosnan


My factory can machine anything. Bring manufacturing back to Australia again.

Tom Young

CNC Components

Keeping Profits In Australia.

Supporting Australian Businesses

Australian Owned certification is free for businesses with an annual turnover of less than $10 million. To help rebuild the Australian economy after the global COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian Owned certification will also be free for businesses with an annual turnover greater than $10 Million until July 1, 2021.

Fee Structure (Starting July 1, 2021)

Turnover Cost
0-10 million Free
10 million & over By negotiation
Your Business can use the AO Official Logo as a licensee (3 Star Businesses are able to use the logo on products).
The issue of an AO Business number that uniquely identifies your Business.
Access to the AO Directory and Network, containing like-minded Businesses.
National consumer recognition.
Reinforcement of your Businesses brand in building and maintaining national public trust.
Your use of the AO Logo and inclusion in the Directory will promote your marketing opportunities with consumers.
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Australian Owned Certified Businesses

For full certified business directory, please visit the AO Directory