Supporting local Australian businesses

Australian Owned was established to help support actual Australian-owned businesses. We are a compassionate nation, but we have been taken advantage of for far too long. Many companies have masqueraded as Australian, but all their profits go overseas. Quite often they do not pay tax here. Australian Owned is here to certify the genuine Australian-owned companies. Our strict verification process 100% guarantees to trace the ownership directly to the roots. We will not be fooled by sneaky tricks or shell companies.

Do you qualify?

Companies that qualify will receive a unique number which will be searchable on our database where ownership percentage and company information will be displayed.

Australians Supporting Australia

Great initiative at a time where Aussies need to stand together.

Dave Jones

Road Trains Australia

Most of my competitors have been bought out by foreign interest. This will help us stay Australian.

Laurie Brosnan


My factory can machine anything. Bring manufacturing back to Australia again.

Tom Young

CNC Components

Make Australia Aussie Again!

Supporting Australian Businesses

Australian Owned is currently a free service while we help rebuild Australia after the global pandemic (COVID-19). We reserve the right to charge a yearly licence fee in the future. If this happens businesses will have the opportunity to deregister free of charge.

National public recognition
National public trust
Unique AO company number
Licenced to use AO badge
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Let's Rebuild Australia!

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