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Penrite Oil, Proudly Australian

Penrite Oil, an Australian owned and operated automotive lubricants manufacturer, has been awarded the Proudly Australian Award, in recognition of their commitment to increasing their Australian influence in their overall business operations.

The Proudly Australian Award recognises businesses that have demonstrated a proactive approach in sourcing local ingredients and materials, using local support services, and manufacturing or producing in Australia. Nominees must have a clear strategy for increasing their Australian influence and have implemented initiatives that have resulted in a measurable increase in their use of Australian products and services.

Penrite’s commitment to quality and their dedication to using locally sourced ingredients and services have made them a deserving winner of the award. From their manufacturing plants in Melbourne and Brisbane, 6 company-owned warehouses, and several third-party logistics warehouses across Australia, Penrite has established itself as a trusted and reliable provider in the industry.

Les Mecoles founded Penrite in 1926 from his parents’ home in St. Kilda, Melbourne. He began making the first batches of oil on his mother’s kitchen stove and delivering them using his father’s wheelbarrow. Oils were manufactured from quality Pennsylvania (PEN) base stocks, and only the right oils (RITE) were ever sold to customers. This dedication to quality earned PENRITE widespread trust and respect.

Under the leadership of John and Margaret Dymond, who acquired Penrite in 1979, the company launched premier ranges including HPR (High Performance Range), Enviro+ engine oils, 10 Tenths Racing oils, motorcycle engine oils, and gear oils and transmission fluids.

In 2018, Penrite acquired the Lightning Cleans brand, with the vision of making Lightning synonymous with cleaning, care, and protection.

As Penrite approaches its 100th year anniversary in 2026, the company remains committed to providing quality oil products and excellent service to its customers. The award is a testament to the company’s continued efforts to support the local economy and increase their Australian influence in their operations.

The Dymond family and the entire Penrite team should be proud of their well-deserved recognition. Congratulations to Penrite Oil for winning the Proudly Australian Award! Learn more about Penrite Oil and their team at