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In the dynamic landscape of businesses contributing to Australia’s prosperity, Coffey Testing emerges as a beacon of commitment and positive impact. Their strategic decisions, dedicated practices, and unwavering allegiance to Australian values, are actively contributing to our nation’s growth and success.

Guided by the visionary leadership of CEO Dawn Watt, an integral part of the company for 15 years, Coffey Testing distinguishes itself not only through technical expertise but also through a commitment to diversity. With 40 female lab employees, including six in management positions across 12 labs, and 40% of the senior leadership team comprising women, the company exemplifies its dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace.

With strategically positioned laboratories across Australia, Coffey Testing’s focus reflects their dedication to strengthening and prospering Australia, actively contributing to the nation’s growth and success.

Coffey Testing’s dedicated teams across Australia are committed to contributing to local projects that lay the foundation for prosperous and fulfilling communities. A notable example is the North Rockhampton Sewage Treatment Plant (NRSTP) Project, a collaborative effort with Haslin, on behalf of the Rockhampton Regional Council. This initiative aims to expand and renew the sewage treatment plant, catering to over half of the Rockhampton population. Upon completion, the project will enable an additional 25,000 people to call Rockhampton home, exemplifying Coffey Testing’s commitment to enhancing the infrastructure that supports community growth and well-being.

Continuing their commitment to local projects, Coffey Testing’s Northern Territory team is actively involved in the expansion of the Angurugu Territory Families, Housing and Communities Office. Supported by the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics (DIPL), Coffey Testing collaborates with DIPL to conduct geotechnical testing in the remote community of Groote, Eylandt. This initiative involves testing across various project facets, laying the groundwork for the planned development of new demountables, car parking facilities, accessibility provisions, a shaded playground, privacy fencing and service upgrades. Their testing expertise ensures the necessary groundwork for these vital additions.  As a testament to Coffey Testing’s commitment to positive change and sustainable growth, this project is a vital contribution to economic development and community advancement.

Coffey Testing’s allegiance to Australia is not merely a business decision; it stands as a testament to their dedication to Australian values, the local business community, and the national economy. Placing safety and quality at the forefront, Coffey Testing ensures dependable testing processes for aggregates, soils and concrete.

In our ongoing quest for excellence, Australian Owned proudly highlights our valued Social Responsibility Partner, Coffey Testing, for adopting decisions and practices that significantly benefit Australia. They’re not just doing business; they’re making strategic choices that actively invest in our nation’s future.

The collaboration between Coffey Testing and Australian Owned underscores a shared commitment to the Australian business community, the nation’s economy, and its long-term success. By choosing Coffey Testing, clients not only benefit from top-notch services but actively contribute to the growth and prosperity of Australia

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