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Australia’s Own® receives Social Responsibility recognition

Australia’s Own®, a leading provider and exporter of natural health products, has been recognised for their social responsibility by Australian Owned, a business certification organisation that promotes and supports genuine Australian-owned and operated businesses. This recognition demonstrates Australia’s Own®’s significant contribution to the Australian economy as well as their sustained commitment to supporting local businesses.

For almost 3 decades Australia’s Own® has been producing, developing, and supplying innovative, functional and affordable natural health products in Australia to enhance quality of life. These passionate endeavours include working with some of the country’s finest minds, including researchers from Sydney and Deakin Universities on groundbreaking and potentially life-saving projects and studies that specifically utilise Nutraceutical and herbal innovations.

Collaborating with Australia’s top research institutions towards implementation of better outcomes via profound natural health solutions, Australia’s Own® has established themselves as a true leader in their field. Recognition of their social responsibility adds to their strong reputation as an authentic Australian business who are committed to doing what is right for their country and not just their bottom line. Australia’s Own® major focus is rather on serving to enrich the lives of many, with all foreign owned takeover bids always rejected out of hand.  Working behind the scenes to also offer effective hands-on mentoring, their invaluable input has directly enabled a number of now highly successful outfits to both become established and gain traction in the natural sector.    

“We are proud to receive this recognition from Australian Owned, which reflects our commitment to supporting the Australian economy and promoting local businesses,” said Geoff Garlinge, Founder of Australia’s Own®. 

“We believe that investing in our country by choosing Australian-owned businesses is crucial for fostering a stronger and more prosperous future for Australia.  Thankfully an exponentially increasing number of Aussies are now recognising that good health is indeed their greatest asset.  So too awareness of the absolutely imperative necessity to support intrinsically Australian owned & operated enterprises.

Not all natural produce with many herbs serving as a classic case in point, can or ever will be grown in Australia, yet when employment is boosted and revenue stays here, it’s a real win-win.  This is indeed why we chose to pledge our allegiance to Australian Owned in their pursuit to positively encourage the nation to genuinely support our own backyard for the general good of all”.

General Manager of Australian Owned, Kristy Ponting said “We believe that businesses like Australia’s Own® play a crucial role in keeping Australian dollars in Australia, supporting local jobs and growth. By showcasing their Australian ownership through our certification, they can differentiate themselves from their competitors and appeal to customers who value local businesses.”

Australia’s Own® offers many export quality natural health products, including Nutraceuticals, patented natural and herbal formulations for arthritis, ageing, allergies, cardiovascular, blood sugar, cholesterol, circulation, eczema and psoriasis, fatigue, prostate, sexual function, weight control, complimentary nutritional Cancer support and much more.  With roots stretching back to the 1980s Australia’s Own® is well equipped to assist via extensive hands-on experience. New formulas are constantly being researched, developed and upgraded to provide only the best quality natural health products to their army of long term loyal clients and of course do welcome all newcomers who will be fortunate to connect with Australia’s Own® to discover their great products & service.

Australian Owned congratulates Australia’s Own® on this significant achievement and looks forward to contributing to their continued success in what will surely be a healthy future.

This recognition not only sets them apart from their competitors, but also gives consumers real confidence to support a truly Australian business making a genuine difference in their community.

As the record states, Australia’s Own Pty Ltd is the original ASIC registered company entitled to extensively use the great name in line with their Trademark and iconic Aussie logo shown here.

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