SOFTLABS: IT Award Winner, Australian Owned Certified and Socially Responsible

Outstanding Information Technology Award Winner SOFTLABS, Australian Owned Certified and Socially Responsible

SOFTLABS, a leading Australian enterprise software company specialising in Industry Automation Solutions, ERP Implementation, Technology consulting, and software development, is proud to announce they have been awarded their Australian Owned Certification and recognised as a Social Responsibility Partner.

As an ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013 Certified company, SOFTLABS is dedicated to delivering quality systems that meet customer expectations while adhering to the highest standards of governance, integrity, and renowned technology practices. With a global delivery model and a passionate team of industry professionals, SOFTLABS is committed to serving business and IT companies worldwide in nurturing their vision and achieving their goals.

One of the key areas of expertise at SOFTLABS is digital transformation. Their experts work closely with clients to enhance their digital capabilities and build digital services that are simpler, clearer, and faster to use. By embracing new technologies and leveraging IoT capabilities, SOFTLABS helps organisations generate new business opportunities, develop proof of concepts, implement IoT solutions, ensure security, and leverage IoT data through data analytics for improved efficiency and additional revenue opportunities.

SOFTLABS offers ERP implementation services through Products and Solutions division [Epicor, Open Text, Grape, Sugar CRM] for Aged Care, Manufacturing, Distribution, Hospitality industries which have been delivered seamlessly for the past 32 years with over 400 plus customers across Australia, New Zealand and Canada. 

SOFTLABS’ Technology Consulting services has grown from strength to strength by providing on demand Technology consultants across Australia in State, Federal, Local Government and Corporates. With a focus on understanding client issues and developing customised solutions, their team of skilled consultants ensure projects are delivered predictably and efficiently, fostering success and eliminating surprises.

SOFTLABS also specialises in providing cybersecurity and independent testing services which further strengthens their ability to provide end-to-end solutions that meet industry standards and compliance guidelines. 

“At SOFTLABS, we strive to be a trusted business partner and advisor to each of our clients, delivering long-term value and services for sustainable existence,” said Garima Sharma, Director of Operations at SOFTLABS. “Being recognised as a Social Responsibility Partner with Australian Owned is a testament to our commitment to corporate social responsibility and our dedication to serving our clients, Australian communities, and the environment.”

In addition to this achievement, SOFTLABS takes great pride in announcing their recent victory at the City Suburbs Local Business Awards 2023, where they were awarded Outstanding Information Technology.  These awards, widely recognised and respected within the local business community, are a testament to the exceptional services provided by SOFTLABS.  The winners are determined based on voting, with the business receiving the maximum number of votes in their respective categories declared as the victor.  The judging process is fair and transparent, incorporating specific criteria, including information provided by each finalist and their online presence.  This recent accolade further highlights SOFTLABS’ ongoing commitment to excellence and their ability to surpass industry standards.


SOFTLABS is a leading Australian enterprise software company with a global presence. With expertise in Industry Automation Solutions, ERP Implementation, Technology consulting, project management, software development, and assured services, SOFTLABS serves business and IT companies worldwide. Committed to delivering quality solutions and services, SOFTLABS embraces innovation, digital transformation, and best practices to help organisations achieve their goals.

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Ambassador of the Year: NOGO Brands

Ambassador of the Year: NOGO Brands

We are delighted to announce that NOGO Brands has been named the Ambassador of the Year! This is a prestigious award that recognises businesses and individuals who promote Australian Owned certification and actively encourage others to support certified businesses. We are thrilled to see NOGO’s dedication and hard work being recognised with this honour.

Founded by Meg, NOGO is on a mission to provide delicious, gut-friendly sauces and condiments that everyone can enjoy. Meg’s journey with health issues and food allergies inspired her to create a range of products that cater to those with dietary restrictions, without sacrificing flavour. NOGO’s sauces and condiments are Low FODMAP, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free (excluding the Mayo), and are made from only the best, premium Australian ingredients. Handmade and small batch produced in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, NOGO’s commitment to using local and Australian products where possible is truly commendable.

The Ambassador of the Year award celebrates businesses that have a strong track record of promoting Australian Owned businesses and are recognised as advocates for the Australian economy. NOGO’s dedication to supporting local businesses is evident in their sourcing of ingredients and their commitment to being an Australian Owned business.

At NOGO, they believe that healthy food should not be bland and tasteless. Their range of sauces and condiments are so delicious that you won’t even know they’re Low FODMAP, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. NOGO’s products are the perfect solution for busy people who want to eat healthily without sacrificing flavour.

As a proud member of the Australian Owned community, we are thrilled to have NOGO Brands as part of our network. Their dedication to promoting Australian Owned businesses and their commitment to providing healthy and delicious food options is truly inspiring. Congratulations once again to Meg and the NOGO team on this well-deserved award. We look forward to seeing NOGO’s continued success in the future! Read more at

2023 Business of the Year

2023 Australian Owned Business of the Year

Australian Owned is proud to announce Sloanebuilt Trailers (SBT) as the 2023 Australian Owned Business of the Year. This award recognises businesses that are champions of the Australian Owned initiative and have a strong operational focus on Australian-produced and manufactured supplies and support services.

With 100% of manufacturing and operations located in Australia, SBT is dedicated to promoting the Australian economy and supporting local businesses. Sloanebuilt Trailers is an Australian family-owned business that has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing high-quality truck and trailer bodies for the Australian market for over 40 years.

Sloanebuilt Trailers’ commitment to quality and excellence is evident in their state-of-the-art 9-acre facility in Smeaton Grange. The facility specialises in manufacturing, repairs, and spare parts, making it a one-stop solution provider for all customer needs. With over 100 variants of products available, and made-to-order with strong performance-based standards (PBS), Sloanebuilt Trailers provides customers with choice and a personalised journey with the organisation.

The company consciously chooses all vendors locally and prioritises local suppliers to ensure the highest quality trailers are delivered to Australian businesses. SBT’s culture is dedicated to employee career development, promoting talent, and contributing to the local community.

Sloanebuilt Trailers’ success in the Australian Owned Business of the Year Award is a testament to their dedication to the Australian economy and commitment to producing high-quality products that are designed, engineered, and manufactured entirely in Australia.

SBT’s customers enjoy a long-lasting relationship with the company, with support and service provided long after the trailers are delivered. Sloanebuilt Trailers’ record customer retention rate is due to their generations of product knowledge, quality, excellence, innovation, and engineering.

As a winner of the Australian Owned Business of the Year Award, Sloanebuilt Trailers has demonstrated a measurable increase in their use of Australian products and services and has a proven track record of actively promoting Australian-owned businesses.

We at Australian Owned congratulate Sloanebuilt Trailers on their award win and celebrate their contribution to the Australian economy. To find out more about Sloanebuilt Trailers, visit their website at

Australia’s Own

Australia’s Own® receives Social Responsibility recognition

Australia’s Own®, a leading provider and exporter of natural health products, has been recognised for their social responsibility by Australian Owned, a business certification organisation that promotes and supports genuine Australian-owned and operated businesses. This recognition demonstrates Australia’s Own®’s significant contribution to the Australian economy as well as their sustained commitment to supporting local businesses.

For almost 3 decades Australia’s Own® has been producing, developing, and supplying innovative, functional and affordable natural health products in Australia to enhance quality of life. These passionate endeavours include working with some of the country’s finest minds, including researchers from Sydney and Deakin Universities on groundbreaking and potentially life-saving projects and studies that specifically utilise Nutraceutical and herbal innovations.

Collaborating with Australia’s top research institutions towards implementation of better outcomes via profound natural health solutions, Australia’s Own® has established themselves as a true leader in their field. Recognition of their social responsibility adds to their strong reputation as an authentic Australian business who are committed to doing what is right for their country and not just their bottom line. Australia’s Own® major focus is rather on serving to enrich the lives of many, with all foreign owned takeover bids always rejected out of hand.  Working behind the scenes to also offer effective hands-on mentoring, their invaluable input has directly enabled a number of now highly successful outfits to both become established and gain traction in the natural sector.    

“We are proud to receive this recognition from Australian Owned, which reflects our commitment to supporting the Australian economy and promoting local businesses,” said Geoff Garlinge, Founder of Australia’s Own®. 

“We believe that investing in our country by choosing Australian-owned businesses is crucial for fostering a stronger and more prosperous future for Australia.  Thankfully an exponentially increasing number of Aussies are now recognising that good health is indeed their greatest asset.  So too awareness of the absolutely imperative necessity to support intrinsically Australian owned & operated enterprises.

Not all natural produce with many herbs serving as a classic case in point, can or ever will be grown in Australia, yet when employment is boosted and revenue stays here, it’s a real win-win.  This is indeed why we chose to pledge our allegiance to Australian Owned in their pursuit to positively encourage the nation to genuinely support our own backyard for the general good of all”.

General Manager of Australian Owned, Kristy Ponting said “We believe that businesses like Australia’s Own® play a crucial role in keeping Australian dollars in Australia, supporting local jobs and growth. By showcasing their Australian ownership through our certification, they can differentiate themselves from their competitors and appeal to customers who value local businesses.”

Australia’s Own® offers many export quality natural health products, including Nutraceuticals, patented natural and herbal formulations for arthritis, ageing, allergies, cardiovascular, blood sugar, cholesterol, circulation, eczema and psoriasis, fatigue, prostate, sexual function, weight control, complimentary nutritional Cancer support and much more.  With roots stretching back to the 1980s Australia’s Own® is well equipped to assist via extensive hands-on experience. New formulas are constantly being researched, developed and upgraded to provide only the best quality natural health products to their army of long term loyal clients and of course do welcome all newcomers who will be fortunate to connect with Australia’s Own® to discover their great products & service.

Australian Owned congratulates Australia’s Own® on this significant achievement and looks forward to contributing to their continued success in what will surely be a healthy future.

This recognition not only sets them apart from their competitors, but also gives consumers real confidence to support a truly Australian business making a genuine difference in their community.

As the record states, Australia’s Own Pty Ltd is the original ASIC registered company entitled to extensively use the great name in line with their Trademark and iconic Aussie logo shown here.

For more information about Australia’s Own® and their natural health products, visit their website at

To view their Trademark, use this link.

For more information about Australian Owned and their certification program, visit their website at


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Announcement of Winners 2023

We are thrilled to announce the winners of this year’s Australian Owned Awards! These awards celebrate businesses that actively support the Australian economy and demonstrate a commitment to using local products and services. We received an incredible number of nominations this year, and after careful consideration, our judges have selected the winners.

Australian Owned™ Business of the Year Award:

This award recognises businesses that are advocates of the Australian Owned initiative and have a strong operational focus on Australian-produced and manufactured supplies and support services. We are proud to announce that Sloanebuilt Trailers are the winner of the Australian Owned™ Business of the Year Award 2023! Sloanebuilt’s commitment to supporting the Australian economy and their use of locally sourced materials and services truly embodies the spirit of the award. With over 40 years of experience, Sloanebuilt continues to exceed expectations in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of high-quality truck and trailer bodies.

Proudly Australian Award:

This award recognises businesses that have actively worked to increase their Australian influence in their overall business operations. We are pleased to announce that two businesses have been awarded the Proudly Australian Award this year.

Penrite Oil has been a trusted provider of quality oil products to customers across Australia for almost 100 years. Their commitment to sourcing local ingredients, using local support services, and manufacturing in Australia has resulted in a measurable increase in their use of Australian products and services. From humble beginnings in a St. Kilda kitchen to a nationally recognised brand, Penrite has demonstrated a clear strategy for increasing their Australian influence and supporting the local economy.

Solar Bollard Lighting® has been designing and manufacturing award-winning premium industrial grade solar bollard lights for public spaces, government and commercial applications, and the mining, gas & oil industries for two decades. As an Australian-owned company, they’ve demonstrated a proactive approach in sourcing local ingredients and materials, using local support services, and manufacturing in Australia. Their innovative products, powered only by renewable clean energy, include the world’s first all-in-one solar bollard light, the world’s first IK10 vandal-resistant solar bollard light, and the world’s first IP68 submersible solar bollard light.

Ambassador of the Year:

This award celebrates businesses or individuals who proudly promote their Australian Owned certification and actively encourage other businesses to support certified businesses. We are thrilled to announce that NOGO Brands has been awarded the prestigious title of Ambassador of the Year! Meg and her team have done an outstanding job of promoting Australian Owned businesses and providing delicious, healthy food options. NOGO’s range of Low FODMAP, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free sauces and condiments are made from premium Australian ingredients, and their commitment to supporting local businesses is truly commendable.

Best Emerging Business:

This award recognises recently established businesses that have shown a commitment to supporting the Australian economy by engaging local support services, choosing local suppliers, and sourcing local ingredients/materials. We are delighted to announce that Maker Port Douglas has won the Best Emerging Business award! This mother and daughter duo have created a beautiful space in Port Douglas to showcase the talents of local and Australian artisans and designers. Since opening in July 2020, Maker has supported over 130 small businesses and only stocks products that are primarily made in Australia or by Australian-owned businesses with a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices.

Congratulations to all of our winners! We are proud to have such dedicated and innovative businesses as part of our Australian Owned community. We would also like to extend our gratitude to all the businesses who nominated themselves or others for these awards. Your commitment to supporting the Australian economy is truly inspiring, and we look forward to continuing to celebrate and support your efforts.

PETITION UPDATE: Response from the Minister for Industry and Science PENDING

PETITION UPDATE: Response from the Minister for Industry and Science [Pending]

In a bid to raise awareness and support for Australian Owned businesses in the face of increasing competition from foreign-owned brands in supermarkets, Australian Owned recently hosted the unfairest cricket match ever played.  The Australian Owned team, captained by Glenn McGrath, played against the Foreign Owned team to highlight the disadvantages that Australian-owned businesses face in the market and the need for greater support.  The event was a huge success, with a strong turnout from the local business community and passionate support for the Australian Owned team.  

To continue the efforts, Australian Owned filed a petition calling for support from the public, with the hope that this event and the petition will bring greater awareness to the issue and lead to positive change for Australian Owned businesses.

After careful consideration, the petition was deemed to meet all requirements and was presented to the House on 6 February 2023.  The petition has since been referred to the Minister for Industry and Science.  As per the petition requirements, the Minister has 90 days to respond to the petition from the date of presentation in the House.

The petition filed by Australian Owned is a step forward in advocating for the Australian Owned community and supporting locally-owned businesses. It is hoped that the petition will bring greater awareness to the issue and lead to positive change for Australian Owned businesses. The response from the Minister for Industry and Science within 90 days will be eagerly awaited by the community.

The Aussie Spirit: Celebrating and Supporting Australian Businesses

Australian businesses have always been a vital part of our economy, providing employment opportunities, contributing to local communities, and creating innovative products and services that make our lives better.

To support our local businesses a new campaign, the ‘Aussie Spirit’ has been launched. Its main aim is to give a much-needed boost to Aussie businesses by promoting and celebrating them across various platforms, and encouraging consumers to support them.

The campaign recognises that small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of the Australian economy, and they need our support. By supporting local businesses, we can help create jobs, support our communities, and build a stronger and more resilient of the ‘Aussie Spirit’ campaign, participating businesses will have the opportunity to showcase their products and services on various platforms, reaching a wider audience of potential customers. By celebrating and supporting Australian businesses, we can showcase the amazing talent, resilience, and innovation that exists within our communities. Through this campaign, we hope to inspire consumers to choose local and give a much-needed boost to our local businesses.

So let’s come together and show the world the strength of the Aussie Spirit. Join us in celebrating and supporting Australian businesses and let’s build a stronger, more vibrant, and more resilient economy.

Navigating the Great Australian Potato Shortage and Supporting Local Businesses

Navigating the Great Australian Potato Shortage and Supporting Local Businesses

Australia is currently experiencing a potato shortage due to heavy rainfall and major flooding that has devastated the country’s potato production.

The poor weather conditions have significantly impacted the potato harvest, particularly in the eastern states, leading to a shortage of potatoes and an increase in the price of potato-based products. Supermarket chains like Coles have had to introduce purchasing limits on frozen potatoes and potato-based snacks.

This shortage has also affected restaurants and other commercial businesses, forcing some to close their doors or find alternative options. The situation is expected to improve in the coming months, but the industry is currently facing challenges to meet the demand.

The current potato shortage in Australia is a reminder of the importance of supporting Australian Owned businesses. The potato industry and related businesses, like restaurants and retail outlets, are an integral part of the Australian economy and provide employment and income for many people. By choosing to buy and consume products from Australian Owned businesses, we can support our local economy and help to keep jobs and revenue within the country.

Additionally, Australian Owned businesses are more likely to prioritise supply to the Australian market first, ensuring that the needs of the local population are met before exporting abroad. The challenges faced by the potato industry and related businesses during this time is a great opportunity for us to show our support and appreciation for the hardworking individuals and companies that make up these businesses, who are playing a vital role in feeding the nation.

It is important to remember that by choosing to buy local products and support local businesses, we are helping to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of our economy and secure access to the goods we need.

Building Strong, Sustainable Economy

The importance of local manufacturing for the Australian economy cannot be overstated. Not only does it create jobs and generate income, but it also plays a crucial role in building a strong and sustainable economy.

Local manufacturing results in the creation of jobs, especially in regional and rural areas where job opportunities are often scarce. The more manufacturing that takes place in Australia, the more jobs will be created, boosting employment in these areas.

When goods are manufactured in Australia, the money spent on materials, labour, and other inputs stays within the country, helping to boost the economy and create a ripple effect that can be felt throughout the community.

Additionally, small and medium-sized businesses, known for being the backbone of the Australian economy play an important role in creating jobs and generating income, and local manufacturing allows these businesses to grow and thrive.

To ensure the continued growth and success of the manufacturing industry, the government should provide support through the introduction of policy to give Australian businesses a fair go, to help build a strong and sustainable economy for the future.

View our recent parliamentary petition here.

Australian Owned is the only trusted business certification service that ensures business and products are Australian owned and made.  The use of the award-winning Australian Owned Certified trademark (“logo”) for business evokes trust and confidence because it’s certified. No one can just slap the Australian Owned Certified logo on their marketing material or products.

We are passionate about Aussie dollars staying right here in Australia because when businesses are Aussie owned, profits stay here and are reinvested here, supporting Aussie jobs and growing the economy.  It’s as simple (and as important) as that.

Give locally-owned products a fair go

Australian Owned Team Captain: Glenn McGrath

Australian-owned businesses are facing increasing pressure from foreign-owned brands in supermarkets, with local products often being placed out of reach for consumers. 

Brand certifier Australian Owned is now pushing for supermarkets and politicians to give locally-owned products a fair go on store shelves. 

Australian Owned General Manager Kristy Ponting states that the foreign brands have a market power advantage with the amount of money they have behind them, which allows them to have prime space on shelves while the Aussie businesses are left with the less visible spots. 

To combat this, Australian Owned and local businesses are supporting a campaign to ensure Australian Owned products are supported by our supermarkets.  Foreign brands currently dominate supermarket shelves and Australian Owned are petitioning for greater support for Australian products in supermarkets, similar to the film industry where 30% of content has to be Australian. 

Australian Owned is also challenging politicians to go to bat for local businesses, literally, with a cricket match where the Australian team will face off against “The Rest of the World” team, with the latter given every advantage to win.  

Glenn McGrath, team captain of the ‘Australian Owned’ team will be stepping onto the pitch to stand up for the homegrown (and owned) team as they face off against the odds and the Foreign Owned team.

“I’m excited to be going to bat for Australian Owned in the Unfairest Cricket Match I will have played in my career, that’s for sure! I’m proud to be standing up for Australian owned businesses and hope that our team will be filled with other influential supporters that endorse giving Australian owned businesses a fair go,” he said.

View the petition here: