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Australian Owned and iSponsor: partnering to help Aussies shop local and support local

Australian Owned are pleased to announce the signing of a new partnership with the giving platform iSponsor.  This partnership will help Aussies navigate the process of ‘shopping local’ by identifying Aussie owned businesses to support and by doing so, help raise funds for local sporting clubs, charities, P&Cs and other community groups.

Life is busy and whilst it can be our best intentions to shop local, the process can be complicated and overwhelming.  How do you know if a business is legitimately Australian Owned?  This partnership makes it simple – shop via the free and easy to use iSponsor app, look for the Australian Owned Certified logo, receive awesome discounts and on top of all that, support your local community groups.  

There is nothing better than being able to see the impact you are making in your local community. With this new partnership, your efforts will be directly seen through the improvement of grassroots clubs and charities and the growth in Aussie owned businesses.  

This partnership is a win-win for Aussie owned businesses and local clubs and charitable organisations.  Not to mention the helping hand it gives to consumers, conscious of supporting Aussie owned.  

Becoming official partners gives Australian Owned Certified businesses the opportunity to register to iSponsor. Customers using the app will be able to easily identify Australian Owned business to support with the addition of the Australian Owned Certified logo next to certified business profiles.

“Partnering with iSponsor just makes sense,” said Eddie Kocwa from Australian Owned.

“With aligning business missions, our partnership with iSponsor will help support the Aussie owned business community even further, giving them a new captive audience from consumers and the clubs and organisations they choose to partner with.”

iSponsor CEO and Founder, Richard Siganto, agreed the partnership was a natural fit.  

“iSponsor was created to help Australian sporting clubs, charities and other NFPs as well as drive more business to local Australian businesses. When we found out about Australian Owned it was only natural that we try to partner with them on some level. This partnership makes sense on many levels but the biggest one is to have Australians support Australians.”

General Manager of Australian Owned, Kristy Ponting said the Australian Owned Certified logo carries a strong message.

“Support this business and profits stay in Australia. Our vision has been to build transparency and trust in the Australian Owned Certified logo for both business and consumer.   Now customers can shop with confidence, knowing they are supporting Aussie owned and supporting their local community group at the same time,” said Ms Ponting.  

iSponsor’s giving platform is free to use.  Download the app and set up your account here.

How To Apply

Step 1: Answer the pre-assessment questions here.

Step 2: Complete the online Declaration.

Step 3: Our team will complete its due diligence and notify you of the outcome.