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Australian Grown, Australian Owned

Outback Harvest is owned and operated by the McNaul family, located near the township of Wakool in the southern Riverina of NSW. They have a long history in agriculture stretching back four generations, with a passion for innovation that has led them to grow and market the first Australian grown teff, a grain traditionally grown in African regions.

By providing a range of ‘paddock to plate’ products, Outback Harvest reinvigorates the personal connection between the origins of food produced by farmers, and the people that consume them. They also support other Aussie farmers, sourcing ingredients from them throughout the production process.

Being official certified by Australian Owned, Outback Harvest use their AO certification and AO logo to better assist the consumer in identifying them as locally owned.  

‘Consumers feel it’s important to support Australian-owned businesses in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic. They are learning that it has never been more important to strengthen our economy and our communities. We feel proud to be an Australian Owned Business and to be associated with a logo that resonates with so many people’, says Mr McNaul.

Since being granted the Australian Owned licence the community response has been ‘outstanding’, reports Mr McNaul.  ‘Having an Australian Owned Logo is a competitive advantage on International brands who cannot possibly own this title’, he said.

‘Although we have always showcased that our products are proudly Australian grown and owned by an Australian family, having this licence has tied it in nicely to promote within the community’
Australian Owned are proud to have granted Outback Harvest with the Australian Owned Licence in acknowledgement of their Australian grown, produced and owned products.  Find their business directory listing here.

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