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Sturt Desert Pea House is an outstanding rural property on the outskirts of Alice Springs. Built of mud brick and local stone, the house also has recycled timbers and doors from an iconic building in Alice Springs that was demolished in the 1980s. However, the space has all the modcons you would expect in an inviting family home. A lovely native garden with a large lawned area give a delightful outdoor space. The gazebo is home to striking swing chairs where you can sit and enjoy each other’s company. The large saltwater swimming pool is a focal point for a

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Creative Iron manufactures Security Doors, Gates Fences, Balustrade, Sculptures, Furniture, signage. One off special creations We incorporates age old Blacksmithing methods, so that our items become functional pieces of art. Also they can have different elements as part of the design , this being stained glass, crystals, timber, stone, and LED lighting . Established in Darwin in 1994 , we have for many years made and sent out products all around Australia.