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manufacturer is a person or company that manufactures &/or outsources the manufacturing of finished goods from raw materials &/or ingredients.  These finished goods may be sold to the public &/or other businesses for use or consumption and includes private labels.


A service provides various aspect of industries which goods or products cannot and in general terms describes work that supports a business but does not produce a tangible commodity.  These may include software, consulting, financial, marketing, promotional, travel, catering, distribution, designing, screen printing and embroidery, construction,  security, and personal services.


A person or business that sells goods to the public for use or consumption rather than for resale.  The retailer is not involved in the manufacturing/production of the items sold.

The business of selling of goods in large quantities and at lower prices, typically to be sold on by retailers at a profit.  The wholesaler is not involved in the product design, or manufacturing of sold products.

If you are unsure of your business category, select Other Business to continue the initial assessment. 

Our team will make a determination regarding your application and notify you of the outcome accordingly.