Business Logo

AO Identification Number: 1939

Entity Trading Name: Sophic Hair Care

ABN: 61 641 253 992

AO Status: Approved

Entity Type: Beauty Products & Services

AO Active Date: 14 December 2020

State: Queensland

SOPHIC was established in 2019 by the same team behind Australia and New Zealand’s largest niche distributor specialising in sustainable options for professional hair and beauty salons, Eco Salon Supplies. We are a group of forward-thinking individuals demanding change within the hair and beauty industry who also share a love for our country. The love and respect we have for our country fuels our purpose to change your perception of hair care and foster an appreciation for Australia. We tell the story of Australia. Our people, our landscape, our flora and fauna. Our products are made for individuals and salons who consider social, environmental, ecological and political impacts of their buying habits. When you buy Sophic, you support Australian businesses and contribute to a healthier planet and responsible industry.