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AO Identification Number: 08288

Entity Trading Name: Click Click Media

ABN: 87 651 496 570

AO Status: Approved

Entity Type: Marketing

AO Active Date: 7 March 2024

State: National, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia, Northern Territory, ACT

Click Click Media was founded in 2008 with the goal of delivering top quality services and to build an agency based on transparency, excellence and care and to be a leader in the digital marketing industry. Click Click Media is a full-service digital agency, with a holistic approach to marketing a business. Its team consists of experts across all disciplines in the digital marketing field. These include, digital designers and artists, campaign managers, social managers, search marketers, data analysts, programmers, business system architects and software engineers. Click Click Media’s strategies have been built from the large amounts of data granted when running online campaigns and continues to develop deeper and more succinct strategies to compete and lead with each passing year. With our team of over twenty staff members, some going on twelve years working with Click Click Media, Click Click Media’s team is amongst the most experienced in the industry.

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