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ABN: 89 637 642 776

AO Status: Approved

Entity Type: Sales & Installation Services

AO Active Date: 20 February 2024

State: National

Why Customers Choose Smart Parking Solutions Whether you’re upgrading parking in your shopping centre with our latest number plate recognition technology, wanting easy car park access for your VIP visitors or simply want to automate a gate at your business premises or home, you need a smart parking solution and driveway automation solution that’s going to keep up with your needs and make life easier for you. We’ve been in the parking automation and parking solutions industry for a long time and have earnt a reputation as leaders in our field, partnering with only reputable equipment brands that deliver High levels of accuracy Value, and Most importantly, endurance including boom gates that can take the odd knock. Unlike many other car parking solutions providers, we have a team of expert installers and dedicated maintenance technicians who will get your car park automation system set up correctly and help keep your system running smoothly.