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AO Identification Number: 08249

Entity Trading Name: Rombus Industries

ABN: 24 643 658 306

AO Status: Approved

Entity Type: Construction

AO Active Date: 10 January 2024

State: National

We are leading the way in carbon avoidance in the concrete industry. Cement production is the world's biggest industrial cause of carbon pollution, responsible for 8% of global emissions. That's as much as the global car fleet. Rombus was formed in 2019 to create a cleaner greener future within the concrete industry by introducing a revolutionary rapid deployment recycled plastic grid system that is stronger, faster, cheaper, and greener than traditional methods. Each 1m2 grid uses 5.4 kg of Australian recycled plastic and is a mere 4cm thick, however, when filled with 32MPa concrete (10mm aggregate) is rated at over 10,000 tonnes per square metre. 100% Australian designed, manufactured and owned.

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