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AO Identification Number: 08211


ABN: 55 167 302 267

AO Status: Approved

Entity Type: Construction

AO Active Date: 12 September 2023

State: New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia

Corfad Civil & Construction offers specialised rail services including track construction and maintenance; plant and equipment; and labour hire. At Corfad, we're proud to add our in-depth understanding of the many facets of the business, and the ever-changing challenges that face the industry. All that, plus a strong team heart, is what sets us apart - and promises a solid foundation for the future. Our leading-edge systems protect our clients, the public, workers, and our staff. At Corfad our commitment is to professional responses delivered by a team of highly skilled staff; our engineers, project managers, experienced weld teams and skilled labour hire are all top performers. And they are backed by our large, technologically advanced fleet, up-to-date equipment range and maintenance crews that are second to none.

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