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AO Identification Number: 1997

Entity Trading Name: Bright Spark Power

ABN: 54 622 864 984

AO Status: Approved

Entity Type: Electricity, Gas, Water, Waste Services

AO Active Date: 14 December 2020

State: New South Wales

Looking for in-home electric car charging installation? Bright Spark Power can install your in-home electric car charging solution for fast in-home EV charging. We can install for all homes including apartment EV charging. Call us on 1300 010 277 for a free consultation on in home electric car charging solutions or for simple home installations we can quote via email with photos of your electricity meter and the area where you'd like to get your charger installed. Looking for business electric car charging installation? A business EV charging solution must address your business' specific needs. We cover off the following seven considerations 1. Single vs multiple car chargers 2. Tesla vs universal car chargers or a mix of both 3. 'Free' vs customer/employee paid charging 4. Single phase vs three phase charging 5. Using car charging to promote an environmental message 6. How any government funding may apply 7. Electricity plan and meter recommendation

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