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AO Identification Number: 08080

Entity Trading Name: Nitschke Energy Services

ABN: 82 149 809 709

AO Status: Approved

Entity Type: Mining

AO Active Date: 6 July 2022

State: National

NITSCHKE ENERGY PROVIDE AN END-TO-END SOLUTION FOR WELL SERVICING FROM INITIAL COMPLETION TO DOWNHOLE INTERVENTION SERVICES. Nitschke Energy is a zero-compromise, integrated provider of well servicing and workover services. We endeavour, at all times, to do no harm, to the environment, or to the communities we work in. Quality and productivity are our guarantee and the welfare of your people, and ours, is paramount to us. Our fleet of rapid service rigs are smaller and faster than conventional workover rigs, but don’t lack any capability performing all types of well servicing and workover. Integrated and purpose-built to permissible weights and dimensions, they can move every day of the year, with no restrictions. We do this by reducing the number of equipment loads and shaving time off the load and unload process. The Nitschke Energy team refers to this as the 1%ers – the small tweaks we make that save you money. Nitschke Energy - Setting the Standard

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