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AO Identification Number: 07117

Entity Trading Name: DLG Australia

ABN: 81 646 996 124

AO Status: Approved

Entity Type: Camping & Outdoors

AO Active Date: 8 June 2022

State: National

We are a ZERO LANDFILL 100% Textile Recycling Organisation based in Southern NSW. Our primary objective is to reduce Textile landfill to as close to Zero as possible. We export textiles to fully compliant partners in India for the recycling process, and remanufacture of new products which we then bring to the Australian Market for resale. A true FULL CIRCLE Textile Recycling program using AUSTRALIAN excess textiles. We create items such as our popular 100% Recycled Caravan and Camping Mats, Indoor Mats and Runners and one-off / seasonal products all made from Recycled Textiles and Plastics sourced right here in AAustralia.

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