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AO Identification Number: 08042

Entity Trading Name: OUTER SPICE

ABN: 12 899 225 322

AO Status: Approved

Entity Type: Food & Beverage

AO Active Date: 2 May 2022

State: National

We handmake gourmet spice rubs, bbq seasonings, salts and dip mixes. Inspired by their love of all things food and flavour and from their travels around the globe, Emma and Amy’s mission was to bring those influences to their range of spice rubs, salt blends and dip mixes. Launching just over a year ago in late November 2020 they already have 4 Awards under their belts including a highly regarded and recently awarded INTERNATIONAL FLAVOR AWARDS hosted in the USA!! 1. 1st Place Condiments/Seasonings – International Flavor Awards USA 2. 1st Place Tastiest Product WA Mr Chilli Awards – Hot to Trot Dip Mix 3. 3rd Place AU/NZ Mr Chill Awards – Hot to Trot Dip Mix 4. 3rd Place AU/NZ Mr Chilli Awards – Chilli Garlic Salt Blend Outer Spice products are handmade and packed with flavour, you can really taste their passion for good food, heat, spice, and sensation in every bite. These are their own unique blends that they really love and wanted to share with everyone.

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