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AO Identification Number: 08033

Entity Trading Name: Planet Organic

ABN: 68 127 158 347

AO Status: Approved

Entity Type: Food & Beverage

AO Active Date: 5 April 2022

State: National

Planet Organic supplies certified organic tea, coffee, herbs and spices to households across Australia, as well as into international markets. We have one of the largest ranges of organic teas in Australia, with over 52 different flavours and blends - all approved by a herbalist. The entire product range is grown as nature intended, with no synthetic chemicals, fertilisers or genetic modifications. Sourcing ingredients that are grown sustainably, sourced ethically and have low eco-footprint is in our DNA. Planet Organic is a proudly family-owned business, operated by a passionate team and based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. We are celebrating 25 years of business this year.