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AO Identification Number: 07915

Entity Trading Name: Xtreme Communications

ABN: 20 152 737 516

AO Status: Approved

Entity Type: Retail Trade

AO Active Date: 7 December 2021

State: Queensland, New South Wales

Xtreme Communications, as part of the Xtreme Group of Companies, has been continually raising Consumer Satisfaction levels with Communications Products and Accessories since 2003. Many thousands of Mobile Phone and Tablet users, throughout Australia, have been using Xtreme Communications regularly as their Number #1 source for quality equipment. The Xtreme TEAM have the experience and zeal to keep our reputation of being the most experienced retailer of Handsets, Tablets, Accessories and Repairs. Now we strive to provide you with the best NETWORK Solutions for your Mobile, Home or Office needs as well. Our staff are some of the finest in the industry and, like us, they believe in keeping our customers satisfied with their products and purchases either "in-store" or "online". At all Xtreme locations in Australia, we have earned the confidence of many thousands of customers by providing excellent mobile phone repairs and service, low prices and fast turn around times.