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AO Identification Number: 07579

Entity Trading Name: JobTrail

ABN: 95 602 202 317

AO Status: Approved

Entity Type: Other Services

AO Active Date: 6 September 2021

State: National

JobTrail is a majority Indigenous-owned and operated organisation, which maintains Supply Nation status and all other certifications and additional industry association memberships necessary for us to successfully conduct business. JobTrail is an established, diversified Australian-owned organisation providing workforce management, workforce recruitment and management of indigenous workforces, project management and highly experienced RTO training solutions to the Resources, Construction, Defence and Industrial sectors across metropolitan, regional and remote areas of Australia. JobTrail has demonstrated expertise and experience nationally in recruitment, workforce management, contract labour delivery and training. We are capable of mobilising and managing projects of all sizes at a national level. JobTrail partners with employers across these industries strategically with a collaborative mindset and customer-centric approach, when implementing workforce planning, management an