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AO Identification Number: 07553

Entity Trading Name: Xpiggy Customs CNC Waterjet & Laser Cutting

ABN: 59 970 581 019

AO Status: Approved

Entity Type: Manufacturing

AO Active Date: 31 August 2021

State: National, New South Wales

Welcome to Xpiggy Customs, Australia’s Cutting Expert Specialising in Custom Designs Xpiggy Customs provides CNC waterjet cutting, CNC plasma cutting and engraving, CNC laser cutting and etching, UV inkjet promotional printing, vinyl wrapping, and metal fabrication. Xpiggy Customs designs and cuts 2D profiles images out of alloy, steel, granite, timber, tiles, plastics, stainless, glass, and pretty much any other materials. Owned and managed by Brendan Caunt, Xpiggy Customs offers distortion-free, close tolerance, no burns, and superior edge quality parts. Xpiggy Customs specializes on custom jobs, custom fire pits, and metal art giftware and promotional printing. Our Services Include: Custom metal art UV inkjet promotional printing CNC waterjet cutting CNC plasma, cutting and engraving CNC laser cutting and engraving Metal fabrication, welding and complete jobs At Xpiggy Customs we can do all your abrasive waterjet or plasma cutting, whether it's your design or mine we can cut 2D