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The Bushtracker Difference

Custom caravan manufacturer Bushtracker have been designing and building caravans for over 25 years. Having pioneered the off-road caravan concept, Bushtracker ensures that all aspects of design and construction are controlled in-house. Instead of using an assembly plant of third-party supplied products, the team at Bushtracker build every one of their caravans from the ground up at their Sunshine Coast factory, inviting their customers to come in and see for themselves how it all happens.

Being a registered Australian Owned Licensee has helped Bushtracker become recognised as a locally owned manufacturer, something that owner Matt Kurvink feels is important to promote. 

‘By supporting Australian Owned businesses you are investing in our country’s future. We all want later generations to have the opportunities we do and that comes from having a strong economy, providing jobs to Australians, and allowing business profits to remain in the country.’

Mr Kurvink believes incorporating the Australian Owned logo into their business has helped give Bushtracker an advantage over the competition, stating that a lot of his competitors ‘cannot claim the same’, and that customers will look to buy Australian if given the option.
‘The RV market is rapidly changing with more products coming from overseas. I do believe that Australian’s will choose locally owned and produced products if given the choice’ – Mr Kurvink said.

How To Apply

Step 1: Answer the pre-assessment questions here.

Step 2: Complete the online Declaration.

Step 3: Our team will complete its due diligence and notify you of the outcome.