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Proudly Australian, Solar Bollard Lighting

Solar Bollard Lighting® has been named as one of the accomplished winners of the Proudly Australian Awards! The Proudly Australian Award recognises businesses that have actively worked to increase their Australian influence in their overall business operations. The award celebrates Solar Bollard Lighting’s commitment to sourcing local materials, using local support services, and manufacturing in Australia.

As an Australian-owned company, Solar Bollard Lighting has been designing and manufacturing premium industrial grade solar bollard lights for public spaces, government and commercial applications, and the mining, gas & oil industries for two decades. Their innovative products are powered only by renewable clean energy, including the world’s first all-in-one solar bollard light, the world’s first IK10 vandal-resistant solar bollard light, and the world’s first IP68 submersible solar bollard light.

Solar Bollard Lighting’s SBL2 Series submersible solar light is designed to withstand even the harshest environmental conditions, including flooding, cyclones, tidal surges, and tsunamis. When all other solar bollard and grid-powered bollard lights have failed, Solar Bollard Lighting continues to light up the night, every night, even when under water.

Solar Bollard Lighting’s commitment to Australian products and services is evident in their operations. They offer a uniquely versatile product line custom-designed to suit each project’s geographical location, levels of shading, and even seasonal snow coverage based upon the winter solstice month. Their clients only receive a genuine SBL2 Series solar bollard light that is “Fit for Purpose,” has a long operational life, reduces operational costs and environmental waste, and reduces their carbon footprint.

The Proudly Australian Award recognises Solar Bollard Lighting’s clear strategy for increasing their Australian influence and implementing initiatives that have resulted in a measurable increase in their use of Australian products and services. Solar Bollard Lighting’s innovative products, commitment to renewable energy, and dedication to Australian-made products and services make them a worthy recipient of the Proudly Australian Award.

We congratulate Solar Bollard Lighting on their award win and look forward to seeing their continued success in the future.

For more information about Solar Bollard Lighting and their award-winning products, visit their website at