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Joy Pool Systems: 100% Australian Owned Manufacturer

Joy Pool Systems are an Australian company that has been proudly manufacturing and distributing the highest quality AquaJoy salt & mineral swimming pool chlorinator products for over 30 years. Being an Australian manufacturer, they know exactly how difficult it can be competing against foreign companies in a market governed by price.

Since registering with Australian Owned, Joy Pool Systems have been able to promote their local ownership to a wider range of customers, giving their business a competitive advantage. This has resulted in an increase in online sales activity, but most importantly has made it easier for consumers to understand the difference in price from their overseas competitors and recognise the long term value in buying products from a locally owned manufacturer.

‘It helps customers understand why our products aren’t as price competitive as overseas made products. Australian products have strict manufacturing requirements that are designed to ensure the customer receives a quality product. This results in an additional cost that can make our product a little more expensive initially but will definitely save in the long run compared to many imported options’

‘Australians have slowly been losing control of their own products for many years now to overseas companies. Wages and taxes being paid in Australia are what keep our economy alive’

More local manufacturers like Joy Pool Systems can be found on the Australian Owned Directory.

How To Apply

Step 1: Answer the pre-assessment questions here.

Step 2: Complete the online Declaration.

Step 3: Our team will complete its due diligence and notify you of the outcome.