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Is your dairy 100% Aussie?

Is your dairy 100% Aussie?

You might be surprised to know that half of the major milk brands sold in Australia are owned by overseas companies. When you pick up a bottle of cheap milk, the chances are the profits are being sent overseas – to Italy, France and Japan.

The grocery store aisles can be a confusing place so how do you know which dairy product is 100% Aussie owned?  No need to navigate complicated ingredient labels, just look for the officially Australian Owned logo.

Procal Dairies is one of the many Aussie businesses proudly identifying their products as certified Australian Owned. Based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Procal is one of the largest independent dairy companies in Australia, sourcing their milk from farms located across northern Victoria and supplying it locally and internationally. 

100% Aussie owned and operated, Procal are a family business that has been run by the Thyssen family since 2003. Being officially certified by Australian Owned (“AO”), Procal have used their AO certification and AO logo to better assist the consumer in identifying them as Australian owned.  Their AO logo is predominantly printed on the packaging of their Full Cream and Low Fat Milk cartons. 

“We are a proudly owned and operated Australian business,” said Eve Vafiadis, National Sales and Marketing Manager at Procal.  

“Being able to display our unique Australian Owned logo on our products shows our dedication to the Australian dairy industry and its future.

Buy Aussie owned and support Australian dairies. 

You can find more about Procal Dairies at their website.

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