G’DAY MATE! Aussie Owned NBN & Mobile Provider With An Aussie Call Centre

MATE has ventured into the very competitive NBN Telco market with their biggest point of difference being their call centre support; when you call up to speak with a representative of MATE, you get to speak with an Australian.

The New South Wales company registered with Australian Owned alongside thousands of other like-minded companies to support the Australian economy.

General Manager, Mark Fazio states that “MATE is committed to delivering Aussies with Australian-based customer service, together with Australian base products and delivered by an Aussie-based business.”

Mark says that most competitors in the industry have offshore operations to save money but it reduces the quality of the service to Australians and ultimately takes jobs away from them as well.

It’s great to see an Australian company taking on the overseas conglomerates while also remaining price competitive.

“It’s tough running a business like a telco as you need to limit operating costs to maximise the return which ultimately supports bringing the costs down of services to customers which traditionally has been the focus.

I think consumers obviously don’t want to over-pay for services but we as consumers are now more savvy and understand the value of quality vs. cost hence having a provider like MATE in times like this allows Australians to get the best of both (quality & best price).”


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