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Why Is It Important To Buy Australian Owned

Australians are renowned for coming together during tough times, and this has never been more important to our future than now. As we continue to navigate through the post-recession challenges such as reduction in GDP, slowing of trade activity, and unemployment, the current circumstances demand consumers support not just local production, but locally owned businesses. By doing so, we are ensuring that the dollars spent will continue to remain in the supply chain, be taxed appropriately, and ensure that Australian businesses can continue to strengthen local communities with jobs and financial stimulus.

Essentially, when you buy from an Australian Owned Business you are investing in Australia.

Australian Owned Star Rating Explained

All applicants must be assessed and approved by our compliance team to receive the certification. This ensures that the Businesses that qualify for the licence have credible Australian-ownership. When Businesses are assessed, they are granted a star-rating that provides the consumer with an indication of the percentage level of production or services within Australia.

Click on the link below for more information around the specific qualifiers and how they relate different types of businesses.

3-Star Rating

2-Star Rating

1-Star Certification

It may sound like a big responsibility and that’s because it is. However it’s really easy to help. All it takes is for you (the Aussie consumers out there) to know who you’re buying from, look for the Australian Owned logo, and make the right choice for your family, your community, and for Australia. As making the right choice now can bring about a huge difference long term.

Let’s start asking the question as we are all in this together.

Make Australia Owned the right choice for you!

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Recognised Indigenous Heritage

To help everyone recognise Indigenous Owned Businesses, we at Australian Owned are proud to present to those businesses the Indigenous Business logo.  If you see the iconic black, red and yellow logo where you shop, you know you can trust that you are supporting an Indigenous Owned Business.