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Australian Owned is here to do good.  As a social enterprise we are cause-driven with a mission to support the Australian business community.  We want to give businesses the tools to grow, assisting to strengthen local communities through jobs and investment, contributing to the long-term prosperity of this country.

To achieve this, we offer businesses the opportunity to be Australian Owned Certified.  Certification provides Australian businesses a way to positively market their Australian roots and gain additional exposure through our own marketing activities.  By achieving this level of certification, businesses can better promote, advertise, and market themselves to the direct marketplace.  

Businesses that qualify can be granted a licence to use the Australian Owned trademark.  Holding an AO licence signifies that there is considerable Australian influence in their business operations – materials, ingredients, manufacturing, staff etc.  The issuing of an AO licence is conducted in accordance with the Australian Owned Rules.


All certified Australian Owned businesses are issued an Australian Owned ID number (“AO ID#”) and are published in the Australian Owned Business Directory.  Businesses that are assessed and meet additional criteria (as per the AO Rules) are granted an AO Licence for use of the Australian Owned trademark (“logo”).  Licensees are granted the right to use the logo in accordance with the AO licencing rules and are supplied a unique variation of the logo that features the business’ AO ID#.  In addition, licensees are provided a suite of marketing assets to increase their competitiveness in the global marketplace. 

“Great initiative at a time where Aussies need to stand together.”
Dave Jones
Road Trains Australia

Indigenous Heritage

Australian Owned pays respect to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of Australia and acknowledges their continuing connection to land, sea and culture.

We support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Owned Businesses by signifying that they are Australian Owned. This gives consumers the ability to easily identify, shop and spend with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Owned Businesses.

I believe Australian Owned will be a vital tool to help with the growth of the community, through educating Australia on the importance of supporting and empowering Australian and local Indigenous-owned businesses.”

Jesse Williams​

Australian Owned Indigenous Ambassador & NFL Super Bowl Champion 2013