Australian Owned Energy!

AUSTRALIAN OWNED supports locally owned energy provider BRIGHT SPARK POWER

Research into the national energy market shows that less than half of all energy providers are 100% Australian Owned. Canstar Blue recently published their research into Australian Owned Energy Retailers, identifying out of 42 energy providers just 19 (45%) are 100% Australian owned.  

In a recent media release, Director of Bright Spark Power, Edward Parker says “Australian households want to know that the money they are spending on essential services is staying in Australia, creating more Australian jobs and being invested in local communities”.  

Bright Spark Power was recently recognised with a full 3-star Australian Owned rating.  Australian Owned was established to help give the consumer the ability to easily identify, shop and spend with Australian Owned businesses, services and products.

Australian Owned welcomes Bright Spark Power to the AusOwned family!