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Australian Owned Business Awards 2022

Winners Announcement 2022

Australian Owned are proud to announce the winners of the 2022 Annual Business Awards.  A first of its kind, the Australian Owned Business Awards recognises businesses that have demonstrated excellence and commitment to Australian operations.  

The Australian Owned Business Awards were introduced to acknowledge and reward the exceptional work and results gained by the trailblazers of Australian industries.

The awards seek out the leading lights of the Australian business industry, looking for those whose creativity, commitment, experience and strong leadership in Australian operations have helped them achieve success in an increasingly challenging business climate. 

Whilst COVID lockdowns highlighted the gaping holes in worldwide distribution and supply chains, it also brought out the incredible ingenuity and fighting spirit of Australian business.

An overwhelming number of nominations were received and each award nomination was judged with points awarded in categories including operations, marketing, innovation and communication.

The winners of the inaugural Australian Owned Business Awards are:

Australian Owned General Manager, Kristy Ponting said she was impressed by the high calibre of the nominations received.

“Leading a business to success can be a tough challenge in the best of times. COVID-19 made a significant impact on businesses’ operational environments with many struggling to survive,” said Ms Ponting.

“These awards are about showcasing the dedication, expertise and sheer hard work of our Australian Owned Certified businesses and the award recipients speak for themselves.”

Australian Owned has a mission to support the Australian business community and give businesses the tools to grow and contribute to the long-term prosperity of this country.

Be part of Australia’s growth, support Australian Owned Certified business. You can search our Australian business register online at

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