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2022 Federal Election: Statement of Priorities

Federal Election Priorities 2022


Australian Owned has publicly released its 2022 Federal Election Statement of Priorities. Informed by formal submissions from our certified business community which consists of business owners and operators as well as engaged discussion with our consumer-based audience of 1.7 million Australian group members, this document outlines two national policy initiatives that will optimise partnerships between the Commonwealth, the Australian business sector, and the consumer.

Thousands of businesses have sought Australian Owned certification in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting the vulnerability of the Australian economy to foreign-owned supply chains.

Investing in Australian business and ensuring that investment is genuine and qualified is more important than ever. Too often we see profits meant for Australia, sent offshore with multi‐nationals paying almost no tax and whose business interest cannot be relied on.

Australian Owned certification supports and promotes genuine Australian business. We are Australia’s only trusted and transparent certification system that ensures business and products are genuinely Australian owned and made. This ensures profits stay in Australia, are invested in the Australian economy, supporting the long-term prosperity of our country.

In this election, we are looking for the next government to implement procurement policies and programs to genuinely benefit Australian owned and operated businesses. Equally as important is the requirement that ownership and manufacturing is qualified to an acceptable degree, benefiting Australia, and protecting our supply chain.

Keeping profits and security in Australia must be a priority.

Whilst the current public sentiment and Government support for Australian business is encouraging, there continues to be flaws in procurement frameworks around the country.

We strongly support action under these priorities, which puts Australian business first. We encourage the incoming Federal Government to develop an integrated cross-departmental, collaborative, and cross-sector policy framework that provides stronger and more active support for the Australian business sector.

These priorities were developed following extensive consultation and collaboration with our certified licensee network, as well as business owners and consumers across the country.

Alongside our business community and Australian consumer base, we are now calling on all parties and candidates to support these national priorities ahead of the election and empower Australian-owned businesses to play a meaningful role in Australia’s recovery.

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