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Australia: Don’t Leave Aussie Business Behind


It is encouraging to see the recently unveiled national Australian logo ‘Only in Australia’ – to jump start much needed trade and investment.  

Whilst millions of Aussie dollars thrown behind a new national logo design might appear as a great step forward, we must ensure we do not leave Aussie business owners and manufacturers behind in the process.  

Local manufacturing is critical to a modern Australian economy. It is a vital part of Australia’s response to the COVID-19 crisis and is key to almost every supply chain. Transparency in ownership and manufacturing is crucial for sustainable long term growth and to keep investment here.  

Too often we see profits meant for Australia, sent offshore with multi‐nationals paying almost no tax. When businesses are genuinely owned by Australians, profits stay here and are invested here. This is integral to our economic growth, creating new jobs and contributing to the long-term prosperity of our great country.  

A national, trusted and transparent business ownership certification is crucial if we truly believe in promoting and investing in Australia.  

Australian Owned General Manager, Kristy Ponting, said a tick box “claiming Australian ownership” is not enough. 

“Australian Owned was founded with a vision to build transparency and trust in the Australian Owned Certified logo for both business and the consumer,” said Ms Ponting.  

“The AO logo isn’t a tokentistic stamp of Aussie approval. It’s an official certification. This means that businesses can’t use the logo unless they have gone through our stringent certification process.”

Australian Owned has seen significant and rapid growth since its establishment.  This confirms that ownership and manufacturing matters to the general public and business.  

Businesses can apply for their certification via the Australian Owned website.  


For enquiries, contact

About Australian Owned:

Australian Owned (AO) was established to promote and support businesses that are owned by Aussies.  This extends to businesses that offer services and to those who manufacture their products right here in Australia. This means profits stay here and are reinvested here, supporting Aussie jobs and growing the economy. 

When a business applies for certification, a qualified compliance team breaks down complex company structures and guarantees Australian ownership and manufacturing.

Only businesses with considerable Australian influence are awarded an Australian Owned Certified logo, signifying, and recognising that the Australian economy will benefit by the support of the business/ product bearing the logo.

Products that have the Australian Owned Certified logo on a label or product packaging are proving that their production is ‘significantly Australian’ (materials, ingredients, labour hours etc) and in recognition, have been granted approval, in accordance with the Australian Owned Certification Rules (as lodged with the ACCC), to display the Australian Owned Certified logo.  

 The trusted AO logo says:

  • Transparency in ownership and manufacturing
  • Due Diligence
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Compliance Professionals
  • Application Examination
  • Business Operation Evaluation
  • Determination of significant Australian influence in business operations

How To Apply

Step 1: Answer the pre-assessment questions here.

Step 2: Complete the online Declaration.

Step 3: Our team will complete its due diligence and notify you of the outcome.