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Industry Collaboration Success

Industry Collaboration Success

Industry Collaboration Success

The 7 words launching Aussie owned businesses to the world

Aussies are innovators at heart.  We see obstacles that need a solution and we don’t shy away from hard work.  This is the Aussie way.  And the Australian Fencing and Agriculture industry is no different.  

A group of small-scale manufacturers in Australia have received national and international attention for their innovative products – all designed and made right here in Australia.

Brought together by Woodshield Business Development Manager, Ashley Davidson, these businesses have a common interest: keeping jobs and investment in Australia.  They also share a common logo: the unique Australian Owned Certified logo.   

“I’m a proud Aussie owned manufacturer and it was a no brainer to apply for my Australian Owned Certification.  Once I realised there were other businesses in the fencing industry that were officially Australian Owned certified – I had to bring us together,” said Mr Davidson.

“We have all overcome obstacles in our own farming and agriculture businesses and have designed and manufactured new products to find a solution,” said Mr Davidson.   

Mr Davidson’s obstacle was to find a replacement to chemically treated timber posts. 

“I had to find a product that was strong, durable, easy to use and recyclable. The Wood-Shield Post concept was created and is now a unique patented product.”

James Higgins from James Higgins Rural Fencing is another incredible story from this group of Aussie owned businesses.  

“One particular problem common with old fences is loose and sagging wires.  My Australian manufactured fence repair tool solution is the result of trial and error.  Since starting the design process in early 2019, we have tested nine different prototypes in order to arrive at the finished model.  

James said that whilst 2020 presented some real curveballs, the one huge benefit was a renewed interest in Australian made and owned products. 

“Since getting on board with the Australian Owned team and the group effort started by Ashley Davidson from Woodshield, I’ve noticed a distinct uptick in sales and interest from both domestic and international markets.”

Another fencing invention, the Vini Clip was designed by Ian Western from Plastic Precise Products Co – in response to a need for a wire clip for the vineyard industry that could stand up against extreme temperatures and last the distance.  

“In 2009 many large businesses moved offshore for their requirements and Australian manufacturing took a hit. We decided to downsize and focus on a smaller range of products. The Vini-Clip continues to be sold around Australia each year and is iconic in the industry.”

Then there is Walter Fencing.  When asked why they moved into the business of manufacturing equipment, Company Director Stephen Walters replied, “we’ve always engineered and made our own gear to help make fencing as quick and efficient as possible, and we realised if we love our gear so much, other people might too!”

“Our goal is to increase our research and development capabilities to allow us to remain at the cutting edge of innovation in the fencing industry.  We will continue to work with contractors and farmers in an attempt to shape the future of rural fencing in Australia for the better.”

Four other businesses make up this Australian Owned Fencing Group; Wireman HQ, Spiralfast wire joiner, Davo’s Fencing Clip and Fastway Fencing Tie Offs.

This group of fencing and agriculture industry leaders have had enthusiastic endorsements from Australian agriculturalist and educator turned ‘posterboy for fencing’, Tim Thompson.  His promotion of Australian Agriculture has helped boost awareness and promotion of these fencing products through his video reviews.  

Australian Owned General Manager Kristy Ponting applauded the Aussie engenuity and collaboration of these businesses.

“Our mission is to support the Australian business community and give businesses the tools to grow and contribute to the long-term prosperity of this country.

“It is so encouraging to see Australian Owned Certified licensees use our strong and growing network to boost Australian industry.  

“Long live Aussie manufacturing!”

Be part of Australia’s growth, support Australian Owned Certified business.  

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