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International Spotlight: Australian Fencing & Agriculture

How industry collaboration launched an international spotlight on Australian fencing and agriculture products…

Collaboration over Competition: A concept that has allowed Aussie farming businesses to enjoy international success and has changed the face of the fencing industry locally.  This is how they did it.  

In 2017, Nicole Davidson and her teenage son Jimmy were building a new fence on their family farm in Casterton, Victoria.  After an exhausting day of hammering in fencing staples, they realised there had to be an easier way.  Within an hour – Nicole’s husband, Rod, had designed Davo’s Fencing clip.  A clip that is quicker, easier and stronger than most traditional methods of attaching wire to posts.  

After 12 months of research and development Davo’s Fencing Clip launched onto the market.  It was obvious from the get go that the product had huge potential, but the question was how to market effectively with no marketing experience?

Throughout 2019, sales were strong and they could see the demand was high.  Then Covid-19 hit and with no in-person sales events possible, they discovered the power of digital marketing.  In June 2020 the Davidson’s were introduced to Australian agriculturalist and educator turned ‘posterboy for fencing’, Tim Thompson, who released a product review video of their fencing clip.  Sales for Davo’s Fencing Clip skyrocketed with interest from 12 countries from Sweden to Belize, and Canada to India.  Sales have been consistent to the US, the UK and New Zealand.  

What makes this success story even better is they are now helping other Aussie businesses achieve the same success. Thanks to a passionate Aussie owned manufacturer, Ashley Davidson from Woodshield, they were connected with seven other small businesses proudly manufacturing innovative fencing products in Australia – a connection made due to their official Australian Owned Certification.

The eight Australian Owned Certified businesses created the Aussie Owned Aussie Made Fencing Group and are now supporting each other’s marketing efforts and collaborating on future product development.  Most importantly, they are wanting to encourage businesses to maintain control of manufacturing and keep jobs and investment in Australia.  

“People used to say to me that we should be getting our product made in China so it would be cheaper.  I always rescinded saying that we are manufacturers at heart, not retailers.  Why would we give our jobs away?” said Davo’s Fencing Clip founder, Nicole Davidson.

“We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to contribute a simple but significant improvement to Fencing and Agriculture around the world.  It has been wonderful working with other small-scale manufacturers in Australia who are just getting on with the job – and most importantly, keeping jobs here in Australia.”

“This is the type of collaboration we love to see,” said Australia Owned Founder, Eddie Kocwa.

“Australian Owned Certification provides businesses a way to positively market their Australian roots and helps the consumer easily identify Australian businesses, products and services. The Australian Owned™ certification trade mark is a high value asset to business and industry and obtaining your certification evokes trust and confidence.”

Australian Owned General Manager, Kristy Ponting, was thrilled to see the added licensee benefits of the Australian Owned Certification Program being taken up by these businesses.  

“With a network that includes thousands of Australian Owned business owners, we are in the unique position to facilitate introductions.  This service is provided as a means to enable businesses to support each other so that jobs and investments stay here now and for future generations.

“I would love to see more industry collaboration happening across the board. Hopefully the success of this Aussie Owned fencing group will inspire others in our certification program to collaborate and grow their business!”

To find out more about how you can collaborate with Australian Owned businesses in your industry, contact

Australian Owned Fencing Collaborative:

  • Woodshield Fence Posts AO 01054
  • Spiralfast Wire Joiner AO 01791
  • Davo’s Fencing Clip AO 00646
  • Vini-Clip AO 01866
  • Walters Hand Powered Wire Winder AO 01585
  • Fence Repair Tool AO 01594
  • Fastway Fencing Tie Offs AO 01840
  • Wireman HQ AO 02049
  • Tim Thompson Media – you can check out Tim’s youtube channel here.

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